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Retail Inventory

Enterprise management is one of the most crucial and also complex aspects of running a business. Regardless of the size and sector of a company, integration of all its areas (like production, finance, sales, warehouses etc.) is a key factor for its correct operating. IT support for full-scale enterprise management are ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems. In general, these systems integrate all above-mentioned functional areas. Moreover they offer functionality for planning and forecasting, which improves execution of business processes.

Master Data Management

  • Management and integration of key data as: products, customers, warehouses, users,
  • Data coherence and tracking of processes,
  • Inventory and products organization by attributes for easy management of similar items,
  • Warehouse Management
  • Defining of products,
  • Control of current level of the inventory – the database of sold products is related to the database of products stored in warehouses,
  • Tracking of products.
  • Reports and Charts
  • Generating of advanced reports and charts customized to your own needs that allows for full-scale control of retail,
  • Pre-made templates for creating daily reports for statistic purposes,
  • Support for decision-making process by constant access to necessary data.

Retail & Inventory Module POS for retail

If you own a retail store or even a chain of stores, you obviously know how important e ective sales management is. In order to improve this process in your enterprise, the Gemba360 (Point of Sale) system, which support full-scale sales management, warehouse management, customers and products management, inventory tracking, as well as integration with Point of Sale equipment.

Gemba360 Retail & Inventory Module POS software is constantly developed which will help you to follow the current trends of the market. Moreover, it is free of any license charge ? the eVolpe Consulting Group charges only for implementation, consulting and IT training. Thus, if you are looking for a free POS software to help you improve your retail management, increase the satisfaction of your customers, shorten the time of sales and increase your profits ? Gemba360 Retail & Inventory Module POS is a perfect solution for you.

Restaurant Module

  • Table reservation management
  • Defining the location of tables, in order to speed up the process of taking pre-orders by a waiter,
  • Support for management of multiple floors within a restaurant
  • Integration with a mobile software for waiters
  • Automatic ticket printing for kitchen and bar


  • Separate profiles for users, in order to secure the access to confidential data
  • Passwords for each user profile
  • Support for configurations ranging from one terminal, to multiple terminals per store, to multiple terminals in multiple stores
  • Integration with Gemba360 Finance and Inventory system

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