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Disaster Management

Gemba360 Disaster Module is a flexible humanitarian platform with a rich feature set which can be rapidly customized to adapt to existing processes and integrate with existing systems to provide effective solutions for critical humanitarian needs management either prior to or during a crisis.

Gemba360 Disaster Module’s features are designed to help Disaster and Emergency Management practitioners to better mitigate, prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters more effectively and efficiently. Gemba360 Disaster Module can provide valuable solutions for practitioners in Emergency Management, Humanitarian Relief and Social Development domains.

Disaster Module Deployments

Gemba360 Disaster Module software was first deployed for disaster responses purposes following the 2011 Victorian Bushfires and in response to Natural Disasters in Queensland it is available for public use and also to support a the food distribution programs and Swine Flu epidemic.

Disaster Module’s Features

Gemba360 Disaster Module contains a number of different modules which can be configured to provide a wide range of functionality.

Its main capabilities are:

Organization Registry

Creates database of organizations to help facilitate coordination; allows organizations to record their Offices, Warehouse and Field Sites including their locations so they can be mapped as well as links to other modules such as Human Resources, Assets and Inventory

Project Tracking

By telling you Who’s Doing What, Where, and When, Gemba360 Disaster Module provides a valuable tool to help organizations responding to disasters know where the greatest needs are and coordinate with others who are engaged in similar work.

Human Resources

Manages the people involved. It tracks where they are, what skills they have and help ensure that everyone is effectively engaged with the work that needs to be done; includes both staff and volunteer management capabilities.


Record and automates transactions for sending and receiving shipments; supports multiple Catalogs of Items as well as providing alternative items to ensure more effective use of supplies. Allows organizations to manage requests, donations and warehouses.


Manages assets such as vehicles, communications equipment and generators; tracks where they are, who they have been assigned to, and what condition they are in. This ensures that assets are used effectively and efficiently.


Collects and analyzes information from assessments to help organizations more effectively plan their disaster management activities. Data can either be entered into an interactive web form or imported via an Excel template.

Shelter Management

Manages information about the location and status of temporary shelters, including resources required, staff and volunteers assigned to the shelter, and provides a check-in/ check-out system for shelterees and their families allowing persons to be tracked and shelter populations to be monitored.

Scenarios & Events

Plan for different scenarios, including recording what human resources, assets, facilities and tasks will be needed to effectively respond.


Gemba360 Disaster Module has fully integrated mapping functionality which allows any location-based data to be visualized on a map. Maps provide situational awareness which is essential when either planning to prepare for or respond to a disaster


Provides support for messages to be sent by Email, SMS, Twitter and Gemba360 Talk. Distribution Groups can be set up to allow messages to be easily sent to many people at once. Interactive messages allow people to send short message queries to Gemba360 Disaster Module and receive automatic responses.

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