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Client Relationship Management

When every client interaction counts, we get happier customers who are truly loyal by ensuring every user accross your entire support organization has what they need to expertly engage your customers. From help desks to call centers, Gemba360 CRM software equips your business with the rapid customer insight and real-time collaboration necessary to deliver valuable support to every customer, every time.

Complete Customer Activity History

Support savvily.

Come up to speed quickly with Gemba360 CRM Module?s 360-degree view of customer activity captured across your team, enterprise and social media communities. Use this relevant up-to-date customer insight conveniently presented in a single view to savvily address your customer?s requests without delay.

Expert Collaboration

Deliver expert service backed by the power of your entire enterprise. Connect to and collaborate with experts across your extended support network in real time and get the answers you need quickly.

Case Routing and Workflow

Deliver on-time service. Respond faster by routing calls and emails to the right service representative. Address issues proactively; reduce escalations by monitoring and prioritizing customer requests across multiple channels. Enhance customer satisfaction by using workflow to streamline internal processes. The result? A rapid response support channel.

Social Service

Deliver proactive service. Know what your customers are saying about you across social media channels and take action. Stay current with up to the minute information about key topics across your customer base and route issues into a single agent queue. Leverage your customers’ social voice to build real customer insight across your organization. Gemba360 CRM Module is fully Social CRM ready.

Case and Defect Management

Meet your SLAs. Log cases and capture complaints in a single system and create a feedback loop between supports, sales and products team. Ensure defects are addressed and solutions are communicated efficiently. Measures the efficacy of your support team, manage effectively and improve customer satisfaction.

Knowledge Base

Deliver smarter service by providing accurate content in Gemba360 CRM Module?s knowledge base. Enrich troubleshooting techniques, promote best practices and capture institutional knowledge by incorporating article creation used into your standard support practices. Equip every customer and partner with the tools necessary to access the answers they need quickly.


Deliver options. Decrease support costs and empower your customers to leverage the collective ecosystem, to find solutions and get updates regarding inquiries in real time. Enable customers to post questions on Gemba360 CRM Module?s cross-device, self-service portal to get expert advice and top notch support whenever, wherever.

Support & Service Analytics

Understand and Adapt. Gemba360 CRM Module reporting and dashboards provides you with real-time information about your customer support performance. Evaluate timeliness, identify bottlenecks and improve service practices across accounts, teams and departments; then observe an increase overall customer satisfaction.

Best of Breed CRM Platform

Service your way… Unlike traditional CRM solutions designed only capture and store information in a monolithic system controlled by IT, Gemba360 CRM Module provides the flexibility, agility, and simplicity necessary to enable anyone to tailor the platform to suit their business. That’s how Gemba360 CRM Module accommodates such a wide array of use cases – from help desk and call center to internal IT and community management teams – Gemba360 CRM Module adapts to your needs.

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Want to know more about Gemba360 Solutions and Modules

Want to know more about Gemba360 Solutions and Modules