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Leading IT Platform

 Gemba360 Dashboard has been supporting agencies or over 10 years now. Used by over 6,500 user Agencies. Gemba360 Dashboard makes things simple and easy to use.

People expect IT systems to be a challenge to use.

Why purchase an IT system and then try and fit your “way of doing business” to that system?

Gemba360 is:


It is easy as point and click.


It is tailored to “your way of doing business”.

Mobile Friendly and Scalable

100% mobile and 100% scalable. People can work from anywhere in the world and with any mobile device.


Data Security: Your data is safer with us than you! Our managed datacentres are ASIO Tier4 rated centres – the highest in Australia.


Over 6,500 User Agencies are supported in Australia and you can contact your Gemba Team
Member for any inquiries.

Reliable System

Gemba360 manages on average $1.37 Billion in corporate transactions daily

Solutions and Modules

Retail Inventory

Enterprise management is one of the most crucial and also...

Quality Assurance

We provide a range of tools that allows all staff to be i...

Document Management

Gemba360 Docs is a scalable enterprise document and recor...

Risk Management

A key requirement of the work health and safety legislati...

Client Relationship Management

When every client interaction counts, we get happier cust...

Financial Management

Gemba Financial Management is both a financial and accoun...

Disaster Management

Gemba360 Disaster Module is a flexible humanitarian platf...

Human Resource Management

Gemba360 HR Management offers a suite of human capital an...

Client and Patient Record

Gemba360 is Australia’s only single Platform that can b...

Legal Compliance

Our System allows Agencies to monitor and manage all thei...

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